Saturday, June 4, 2011

Poem 8: Wolves of Destiny

Wolves of Destiny
By Tyler/Tenshi
For Manda/Flurry

There once was a wolf, a white wolf,
rejected by his pack.
Because he was different,
he was attacked.

Battered, weary, beaten,
he could not go on.
He would surely die,
and no one would know he's gone.

But something told him to live,
to keep going, despite cruel fate.
It beckoned him on,
for it was not too late.

He struggled back to his paws,
ignoring all of the pain.
The voice told him to survive,
for eventually he would gain.

Could he trust this voice,
that was causing him to hurt more?
It promised things would get better,
that there is something in store.

He trusted the voice,
but knew not who it was.
It seemed to want to help,
but for what cause?

For months and months,
he endured all he could.
He was still unsure,
for when was life ever good?

But soon he would lose to exhaustion,
until suddenly something did come.
It filled him with hope,
his heart beated like a drum.

Another wolf, beautiful at that,
seemed to suffer the same fate.
Together they soon recovered,
and became destined mates.

That night, they howled to the moon,
but together, not seperately.
Only then did the white wolf realize,
that the voice was that of Destiny.

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