Saturday, June 4, 2011

Poem 8: Wolves of Destiny

Wolves of Destiny
By Tyler/Tenshi
For Manda/Flurry

There once was a wolf, a white wolf,
rejected by his pack.
Because he was different,
he was attacked.

Battered, weary, beaten,
he could not go on.
He would surely die,
and no one would know he's gone.

But something told him to live,
to keep going, despite cruel fate.
It beckoned him on,
for it was not too late.

He struggled back to his paws,
ignoring all of the pain.
The voice told him to survive,
for eventually he would gain.

Could he trust this voice,
that was causing him to hurt more?
It promised things would get better,
that there is something in store.

He trusted the voice,
but knew not who it was.
It seemed to want to help,
but for what cause?

For months and months,
he endured all he could.
He was still unsure,
for when was life ever good?

But soon he would lose to exhaustion,
until suddenly something did come.
It filled him with hope,
his heart beated like a drum.

Another wolf, beautiful at that,
seemed to suffer the same fate.
Together they soon recovered,
and became destined mates.

That night, they howled to the moon,
but together, not seperately.
Only then did the white wolf realize,
that the voice was that of Destiny.

Poem 7: The Angel And The Butterfly by Amanda

The Angel and the Butterfly.
By: Flurry/Amanda
for: Tenshi/Tyler

Once I was nothing but a lonely caterpillar,
struggling, fearful, alone.
But then I met you, my strong Angel.

At that moment I was no longer alone.
Now trusting, happy, together
I allowed myself to open up.

It's all thanks to you that the lonely caterpillar is gone,
and in it's place
is a happy butterfly.
Alive with happiness and color

I see the world for the first time clearly,
and I know, no matter what happens,
our love will stay strong
nothing will keep us apart
the handsome Angel and the beautiful Butterfly.

Poem 6: Love You Like An Animal

Love You Like An Animal
By Tyler/Tenshi
For Manda/Flurry

From the moment I said "I love you",
my instincts began to show.
I swear I was so happy,
I felt my heartbeat slow.

I love you like a wolf,
with loyalty and pride.
You know I'd never leave you,
I'd be always at your side.

I love you like a cat,
with care and affection.
In my strange eyes,
you are perfection.

I love you like a bird,
never flying away.
Always willing to talk,
always going to stay.

I love you like an animal,
my instincts will always show.
I just ask you to promise me,
promise you'll never go.

Poem 5: The Fire Is Our Love

The Fire Is Our Love
By Tyler/Tenshi
For Manda/Flurry

A bright, billowing flame,
non-existant until recently.
The fire is our hearts,
burning with passion.

The fire flickers with the wind,
but never stops burning.
The fire is our love,
which will never die.

The fire grows,
as we block the wind.
The fire is our hug,
keeping each other warm in tender embrace.

The flame snaps and pops,
showing the power of its heat.
The sparks are our kiss,
making our love well-known.

Poem 4: Untitled by Amanda

By Amanda/Flurry
For Tyler/Tenshi

Love is endless,
like the sun shine's it will never end.
From the day we first said I love you it will never end
not even our deaths will end it,
never fading it will never cease just grow and grow.
I love you now and will for all eternity, forever faithful, and alway's yours.

Poem 3: Love and the Elements

Love and the Elements
By Tyler/Tenshi
For Manda/Flurry

My love for you is endless, and is bigger than the Earth itself.

When you say you love me,
An eternal flame burns in my heart.

When you have a bad day,
my tears form rain and shower the world in sorrow.

When you are excited,
lightning pulses in my blood.

When you are quiet,
darkness consumes me.

When you smile,
A light shines and makes my day bright.

When you ignore me,
my veins feel like ice.

When you talk to me,
I feel lighter than wind.

When you're mad,
my heart drops like a stone.

But most of all, when you kiss me,
I feel filled with life, like a plant.

I'll love you for eternity,
and our love will be left as remnants of the world.

Poem 2: My Whole Word

By Tyler/Tenshi
For Manda/Flurry

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
We may be seperated now,
but we will meet some day.

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
Remember when we had first met,
and all we did was play?

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
I was far too shy to tell you,
things I just couldn't say.

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
It seems you were as shy as I,
we could only say 'Hey'.

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
Months later we finally spoke,
emotions we did pay.

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
My life used to be difficult,
but with you I'm happy.

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
I hear about your tragedies,
and for you I did pray.

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
I just can't get you off my mind,
and you won't keep at bay.

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
No matter what, I think of you,
it gets me through the day.

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
no matter what I will love you,
in every single way.

Amanda is my whole world now,
and that's how it will stay.
When we're finally together,
beside you I will lay.


Poem 1: The Angel and the Star

By Tyler/Tenshi
For Manda/Flurry


The boy that fell from the sky,
causing feathers to fall,
punched the ground in agony,
because he had lost it all.


He looked to the sky,
pain filled his teary eyes,
he let out a whimper,
as he took a mortal disguise.


The angel was now lost,
in a world of pain and hurt,
he cried and he cried,
because he was treated like dirt.


He walked along the world,
feeling empty and alone,
darkness fell on him,
his life taking a darker tone.


He wanted to shout,
he could no longer cry,
his emotions exploded,
and he asked the sky.


"Why does this happen to me,
why this cruel life,
why the empty heart,
pain worse than any knife?"


The sky did not respond,
only dropped one of its stars,
the boy watched it fall,
and it crashed after flying far.


"What is it,"
asked the boy,
looking at the crashed star,
his eyes suddenly filling with joy.


A girl, a girl did fall,
with emotions quite the same,
she had endured much suffering,
it was really quite a shame.


She was just as shy as he,
nicer than most anyone,
yet she was treated so cruelly,
and something must be done.


Eventually, they met and talked,
they soon became friends,
closer than ever,
but soon this friendship did end.


Friendship ended, but this was not sad,
in fact the boy was overjoyed,
the first time in years,
something filled the void.


Their friendship did not die,
in fact it got better,
it evolved into something new,
started on an electronic letter.


What could change from friendship,
giving it a quick shove,
the only thing better,
that was love.


The angel-boy and the star-girl,
now loving more than ever,
got back onto their feet,
to take on any endeavor.


There was only one issue left,
the distance that kept them apart,
how could they love from afar,
things were turning dark.


The two faced each other,
and hugged one another tight,
and out of the darkness,
came a beam of light.


From the sky came moonlight,
causing the darkness to fade,
the boy looked to the girl,
his feelings being made.


"We may be seperated,
by miles of Earth and land,
but we will get through it,
if you take my hand."


The boy held her close,
and looked at her with a smile,
"If we believe in each other,
we will conquer every mile."


The boy looked on,
"Though we may be seperated now,
do not worry or lose hope,
we will beat this somehow."


The angel got closer,
and softly kissed the star,
"Just know that I'll always love you,
No matter where you are."